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Vernacular Cooking

When I searched for "vernacular cooking" I got one hit for a site that uses the term vernacular recipes as a tag, a few hits for something called vermicular cooking and some one-off articles about cooking terminology and what not . I also got this one video from a channel called Farmhouse Vernacular , which fits surprisingly well on this blog: How to cook with no kitchen?? | SURVIVING A KITCHEN RENOVATION The term vernacular cooking seems to not really exist. I apparently made it up. So where am I getting this weird term that I am using in the title of this blog post? I am borrowing a concept from architecture: Vernacular Arhictecture : Vernacular architecture is characterised by its reliance on needs, construction materials and traditions specific to its particular locality. It is a type of architecture which is indigenous to a specific time and place and not replicated from elsewhere. Historically, vernacular architecture has incorporated the skills and expert

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